Field of white and red poppies

Order poppies from Vancouver Peace Poppies.

Photo of
                white poppy made of cloth

We have poppies available for 2018.
In 2017 we shipped white poppies to 30 communities across Canada; if you just want a few, and tell us where you are, there's a chance we could forward your contact information to someone in your area.

Peace is good all year, and many people still want to wear white poppies outside Remembrance Day. We continue to do mail-order. You can also ask us to send you a reminder next year.

Email us at <> and let us know your location (city) and the number of poppies you are interested in, or download this PDF order form (which lists suggested donations). Do check the list of depots below first.

Where Does Your Money Go?

We distribute poppies by donation as a consciousness raiser, not a fundraiser - we just try to break even (not counting our hours, gas, ...) . Importing poppies costs us ~$.89 ea. This money goes to the Peace Pledge Union in Britain and helps fund their excellent peace education work. Our additional expenses for pins, postage, envelopes & printing are ~$.17/poppy for a total of ~$1.06/poppy. Your donation of $1-$2/poppy lets us cover expenses and provide poppies at below cost to schools and disadvantaged groups.

Depots with countertop boxes of White Poppies.

Most drop-in depots have returned their boxes, and the few below are not sure. Please email us if you want to obtain poppies by mail, or if you want to offer a place to host a depot in the next campaign.

Vancouver (East to West)

Countertop display box

North Vancouver

    British Columbia outside Vancouver

      Rest of Canada

      Check this page later for additions to the list of depots, or contact us to offer your space.

      For "Coquelicot blanc" in Québec, please see Echec à la Guerre .

Poster downloads:

Order poppies from the Peace Pledge Union in Britain

Please see their website
In Fall 2009, shipping by air from London to Vancouver took about 5 business days; In 2010 air mail took 2 weeks, but "airsure" took 4 days. Shipments to us by surface mail took 7 to 8 weeks.

Make your own white poppies

Download PDF
                  of 3 poppies on 4x6 inch cardWe used to make our own by drawingDownload PDF of
                  6 poppies on 4x6 inch card the outline of a flower on a piece of card and sticking it to a used button.  If you have a printer that can print photos on 4x6 inch glossy paper (or a 4x6 card), you can download a ready-to-print picture in PDF format.  Hand-drawn poppies may be better, especially if the ink from your printer is not waterproof.  Many photo shops let you upload an image in JPEG format rather than PDF, and print for cheaper than a home printer's  ink and paper, and with more durable ink
More economically, download and print the image of 6 flowers (picture on right side).  These are a bit smaller, closer to the red poppy size.  Cut a piece of cloth adhesive tape (ex: duct tape) 1"x1/2", fold a ridge, then stick to the back of the flower.  You can then stick a pin (straight or safety) through the ridge in the tape.  Or see below picture of duct tape around safety pin.

Finally, download paper-poppies-8.5x11-20.pdf 20 poppies on letter-size paper, same size flowers as the 6-flower file above.
  • Many people have for years been making their own poppies out of fabric, cardboard, felt, plastic ...
    If you have homemade poppies, we would love to get a closeup photo and/or instructions on how to make them, to put on this website.

Tips on not losing your Poppy

You can attach a safety pin using duct tape
                          3/4inch Or 3m Nexcare cloth tape 19mm

The P.P.U. poppies have a wire instead of a pin.  For the older poppies without felt (we are still shipping some of those for packs of 10), we recommend attaching a 1-inch safety pin to the cloth using a 1" piece of duct tape 3/4" wide. 3m Nexcare cloth tape 19mm (3/4") or 25mm (1") is better. Unfortunately neither tape sticks well to the felt poppies, especially when it gets wet. Our packages include a sample poppy with safety pin attached.
Pinch the poppy firmly in the middle while you fold the stem in half, back up towards the centre.
cut a tape strip about 1cm wide x 2cm long.
open safety pin and centre tape over the back of the pin.
lay taped pin on back of poppy with open end towards the top
press and smooth tape firmly to pin and poppy.

safety pin into felt back Some of the P.P.U. poppies have a felt back, which does not stick to the tape as well as the old fabric, but the felt is strong enough to put a 1 inch safety pin through.

Alternately you could twist the wire around a safety pin (around 1 inch) .  The wire for the 2017 batch is easier to bend, but a bit too long for this. First cut the wire so it only sticks out 1.5 inches past the edge of the flower, then slip the wire into the loop of the pin, and twist the wire around the pin To avoid the wire coming unglued from the heart of the poppy, pinch the centre securely between your fingers when bending the wire to position the pin back to the centre.

Thread wire
                    through hole in pin.  Bend wire
                    (pinching centre of poppy) so pin is near middle.  Done 

The straight pins supplied by the Legion with red poppies seem to hold well on traditional wool suit jackets or winter coats, but on contemporary clothing they often fall off.  Here are a few tips for keeping one in place:
Earring back

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