Below are various classroom resources for you to download and print. The [pdf] links download a file suitable for Adobe Reader or equivalent software; the [docx] links get you an editable file in Microsoft Word format. Other downloads are available from the "Buy or Make Poppies" tab above.

[pdf] WP-BC-Campaign-Cover-Page   
[pdf] [docx] WP-Testimonials-&-Educ.-Links    People's experience from previous years; other websites.
[pdf] [docx] WP-Elementary-School-Ideas   
[pdf] [docx] WP-Secondary-School-Ideas   
[pdf] WP-Peace-Song-List    Short list of peace songs to inspire you.
[pdf] WP-Lapel-Poppies    Print 12 lapel poppies on 8.5x11" card stock or photo paper.
[pdf] WP-Wreath-Poppies    Print on heavy paper, hand colour red or white, cut into poppies for wreath
[pdf] WP-Wreath-Leaf-shaded    Print on heavy paper, hand colour green, cut for wreath
[pdf] [docx] WP-Feedback-form    Print and mail to Peace Poppies to share your experience
[pdf] WP-Elementary-School-Info-Slips    Print on paper (colour or B&W) and cut into 4 info slips.
Order Forms
[pdf] [docx] WP-Canada-Teachers-Order-Form-2018    Discounted for class use
[pdf] [docx] WP-Student-Campaign-Order-Form-2018    Instructions for ordering directly from PPU or VPP
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